Monday, 30 July 2012

Brentwood Open Learning College (UK) can help you to start your career in Health & Nutrition. Nutrition and Dietetics is a fastest growing field around the world these days. The opportunities and possibilities in this field are endless. Nutritionists and dieticians can find employment in hospitals, health and recreation clubs, canteens, nursing care facilities; they may teach the science of nutrition and dietetics in colleges and universities, the catering services and restaurants also employ nutrition advisors, where nutrition professionals can do anything from menu planning to meal preparation to promotion of the food products.

 They can work as consultants or do private practice. They can also write books, articles, promotions, television programmes on optimum dietary practices, since the present era is highly health-conscious. Moreover they may also find employments with government agencies working for community health services. 

 Whether you decide to go for employment or opt to start your own business, you need to have proper world standard qualifications at hand if you want to excel in the profession. The good news that these world class qualifications are now within the reach of everyone. Brentwood Open Learning College (UK) one of the UK’s top distance learning colleges has made it possible for you by offering flexible, affordable and internationally recognised courses.

These courses offer you the following benefits:
  • What you learn is the very latest in the industry
  • Your qualification is valued everywhere hence opening up wider opportunities for you around the world
  • BOLC is the only UK based college offering fee instalments option to international students
  • These courses prepare students both for business and employment
  • These courses are flexible and can be completed with family and job commitments
  • You get all the above with lowest fee guarantee.

This diploma is suitable for those who either are interested to start their career in diet and Nutrition or just want to achieve an understanding of the principles of good nutrition. The course concentrates on the development of a diet that can improve physical performance. The course will give necessary skills required when advising people on their nutritional needs. The course also covers nutrients, digestive system, detoxification, food allergies and intolerances, diets for various populations, weight loss and control and other related topics.

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